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Welcome to Elixir Club 10 on 17th of March! We preparing a fantastic lineup of developers, who strive to share their Elixir knowledge and tips. When you passioned with something you want to share your findings with adherents. Our speakers want to spread their knowledge about easy and powerful Elixir code features and some information about soft skills.

Feel free to discuss your problems or solutions on lightning talk. You could suggest your speech via filling in the form. or writing down on the board during the conference.

We are welcome students for your willingness to learn and we give 50% discount via the promo code "student" Please send your student ID’s scan to make your registration on the event faster.

Also, we are welcome parents of a small baby (0-3 years) on maternity leave, who want to grow their skills with growing the kid. You can get a special discount for the ticket with promo code "GrowWithYourKid ". Please take kid’s birth certificate with you to confirm the status.

  • 11:30Registration and Welcome Coffee
  • 12:00Craft effective API with GraphQL and AbsintheIhor Katkov
  • 12:50Coffee Break
  • 13:00Monads are monoids in the category of endofunctors’ explainedIke Kurghinyan
  • 14:00Lunch
  • 15:00Phoenix and beyond: Things we do with ElixirAlexander Khokhlov
  • 15:45Coffee Break
  • 16:00Practical Fault Tolerance in ElixirAlexei Sholik
  • 16:45Coffee Break
  • 17:00Lightning Talks

2018-03-17T11:00Z 2018-03-17T19:00Z Europe/Kiev Elixir Club 10 Elixir conference every month Stay tuned hwww.elixirkyiv.club WD&SS, Druzhby Narodiv Blvd, 19, Kyiv Elixir Club elixir.club.org@gmail.com


Ihor KatkovChief Executive Officer

Ike KurghinyanTeam Lead

Alexander KhokhlovFounder, Nots.io

Alexei SholikBackend Developer


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