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We are getting closer to all of the developers of Ukraine. Greet the Elixir Club 9 in Kharkiv! Welcome developers of another language to become acquainted with Elixir. Our program will include topics, which will show particular qualities of this language.

We are welcome students for your willingness to learn and we give 50% discount via the promo code "student" Please send your student ID’s scan to make your registration on the event faster.

Also, we are welcome parents of a small baby (0-3 years) on maternity leave, who want to grow their skills with growing the kid. You can get a special discount for the ticket with promo code "GrowWithYourKid ". Please take kid’s birth certificate with you to confirm the status.

  • 11:30Registration and Welcome Coffee
  • 12:00Elixir: Getting started with language and ecosystemAlex Rozumii
  • 12:50Coffee Break
  • 13:00Ecto and Phoenix: Doing Web With ElixirYurii Bodarev
  • 14:00Lunch
  • 15:00Pattern matching in Elixir by exampleAlexander Khokhlov
  • 15:45Coffee Break
  • 16:00Elixir in a service of governmentAlex Troush
  • 16:45Coffee Break
  • 17:00Lightning Talks

2017-11-18T11:00Z 2017-11-18T19:00Z Europe/Kiev Elixir Club 9 Elixir conference every month Stay tuned hwww.elixirkyiv.club Spalah, Divocha str. 6, Kharkiv Elixir Club elixir.club.org@gmail.com


Alex RozumiiBack-end Developer

Yurii BodarevSoftware Developer

Alexander KhokhlovFounder, Nots.io

Alex TroushErlang/Elixir Developer


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Spalah, Divocha str. 6, Kharkiv
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