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We invite you to join the first big conference in Ukraine — ELixir Club Ukraine :)

Our goal is to build a strong community and we would be happy to see everyone who is interested in this topic. Elixir is a young language, so every developer can come forward and share experience, get powerful feedback and support.

We want to see speakers with different background and perspective, so if you think you have something to share, don't hesitate to apply

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Andrea Leopardi

member of the @elixir-lang core team

BEAM architecture handbook

If you are writing a stateless web application backed up by a database, there is a good chance Elixir is a great fit. However, this is not where it shines. In this talk, we will discuss how to architect Elixir applications in order to leverage the features of the language and of its runtime.
We will look at this both from a lower level, talking about the architecture of processes inside an Elixir application, as well as from a higher perspective of writing Elixir services and architecting systems to play to Elixir's strengths. We will see practical use cases and discuss design patterns


Eduardo Aguilera

Elixir developer at The Coingaming Group

Integrating 3rd parties with Ecto

Only a handful of systems can work on their own, and most of the time this external parties are out of your control, this is why how your application communicates with them is crucial for everything to work smoothly.
Ecto is an incredibly powerful data validation tool, and in this talk I will show you how we use it to make our integrations consistent, catching any error before the request goes out of your realm.


Maryna Shabalina

Elixir developer at Edenlab

Concurrently persons fuzzy match with Postgres and GenStage

Implementation of parallel deduplication for similar persons for 30 million users with Elixir GenStage library.
Problem: in National Care System patient can appear in the database several times with small difference in personal data
Goal: determinate same persons and merge them in unique account in limited time without deterioration performance of database while querying the database
Solution: providing search "clusters" and GenStage handler with many consumers


Ulisses Almeida

Elixir Developer at The Coingaming Group

You ain't gonna need write a GenServer

GenServers plays a central role in Elixir OTP applications. However, when you overuse it, it can become an anti-pattern and introduce bottlenecks in your system.

In this talk you'll learn:

  • What's a GenServer
  • When GenServer can harm
  • GenServer FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • How Elixir ecosystem get you covered
After this talk, you'll understand how putting a GenServer in the wrong place can slowdown in your entire system. You'll understand how the Elixir frameworks and libraries enable you to have reliable concurrency applications. You'll feel no shame of being an Elixir developer and never had to write yourself a GenServer.


Oleksandr Khokhlov

Founder at Nots.io

— Knock, knock
— An async template
— Who’s there?

Elixir and Erlang platform are all about asynchronous communications. Why don’t we use this feature while rendering templates? In this talk, Oleksandr unveils how we in Nots.io split HTML documents into smaller pieces and render them in parallel.

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